Road to Ravenloft

South to the Sea, part I

The party set off on their long journey toward the far-off capital city of Glendora, where a meeting with Sir Adam awaits them, and where they might find a clue to the identity and whereabouts of Lord Ashenden.

On the way, they passed through the mountain town of Eel Crossing, where raw materials from the mountain, such as lumber and metals, descend by river through the great swamp and on to the other cities below. They hoped to visit the local inn, having heard of the quality of its spirits. However, they discovered the inn recently shuttered, with no sign of the proprietor.

Shortly after moving on, the party encountered a fellow named Curt Gresham collapsed on the road, with an arrow in his thigh. After helping him to recover a little, they heard his story. He is the innkeeper of Eel Crossing, and his business is in trouble. A major shipment of alcohol never arrived at his inn at the beginning of summer, now his stock is getting low and he needs to replenish his supply. He set off to go to the monastery in the mountains, where the monks brew his fine ales and ciders, but before reaching it he was set upon by strange-looking humanoids who fired upon him. They chased him away from the monastery grounds, until he had to cut down a rope bridge to prevent them from following him further. One of them caught him with a shot to the thigh, and he has limped all night to get back to town.

He referred to the recent departure of Father John Tecy, the Abbot of the monastery, as being a possible factor in the missing shipment and strange occurrence. Father John, he said, was a man of great power and knowledge, and kept the monastery running like a well-oiled machine. However, last year, after stopping in the town to ensure that all the monastery’s business contracts were in order, he left suddenly for no known reason.

Gresham asked the party to investigate, and offers a reward for the safe return of his shipment.

The party escorted him back to the inn, where they spent the night and set off in the early morning. In late afternoon, the party came to the location of the fallen bridge. Unable to cross, they descended into the ravine and began to climb the other side, only to be ambushed by a group of archers at the top of the cliff. The party reached the top and dispatched their assailants: horribly mutilated men, whose eyes were cut out and whose cheeks were sliced open, making their faces into terrible gaping maws…

One of the last ones grabbed at Kyla, and whispered something, laughing as it died….



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