Road to Ravenloft

South to the Sea, part II

The party continued on to the monastery, where they found a grim scene. The buildings lay in disrepair, broken equipment and rotting food around. Statues and fountains smashed and defaced, doors hanging from their hinges, roof shingles falling off… but the worst was to be found inside the dormitories of the monks, where grisly events clearly had taken place.

Blood smears and gobbets of rotting flesh lay about, with graffiti and drawings on the walls that prominently featured stylized mouths gaping wide, sometimes with tearing teeth, sometimes with lashing tongue, always with a sinister malevolence behind them…

The party eventually approached a former chapel, converted to the central brewery operation. They overheard a strange sound from inside, of a fowl gurgling or choking. Entering the building, they found two cockatrices: one asleep in a nest, the other rolling about in a pool of liquid that dripped from one of the brewing vats, behaving deliriously.

Upon approaching the cockatrice in the liquid, it sprang to the attack to defend its pool. Dispatching the cockatrices nearly cost the life of Quinn and of Khamul, who barely clung to his customary fleshly existence.

After the battle, the party found the notes of the brewmaster in the nearby office, which gave instructions on using the venom of the cockatrices to produce either an oil of stone to flesh or four potions of cure light wounds.

In addition, the party discovered that the liquid in the vat was laced with some hallucinogenic substance. Ingesting a small quantity caused the room to swirl and swim; surely in greater quantities it would be capable of powerful delusions…

The path ahead leads down, over a painted maw and down the stairs to the basement of the chapel….



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